Musical Opinion UK September / 10


Neue Züricher Zeitung NZZ  november / 09

The young violinist Deborah Marchetti played the solo part in an impressive manner.
Her interpretation was dominated by seriousness, concentration and dedication.
The declamatory intonation which is asked for by the composer suited the soloist utterly well.


Neue Zuger Zeitung  december / 08

Sensitve and perfect play

The Zug-born Deborah Marchetti enchanted the audience by her interpretation of Mendelssohn`s violin concerto in e-minor. With spotless clean tone and perfect intonation ... she fulfilled everything the comprehensive part asked for.


Der Bund  november / 08

With her staggering technique and a rich spectrum of expression the violinist Deborah Marchetti ranks amomg the most promising young artists in her field.